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The Magick Moon  Herbs  Valerian Root

Valerian Root

Valerian Root
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Valerian Root

Valerian Root is cut, and sold by the ounce.

Valerian Root is a magickal dried herb that comes from a clump forming perennial has short roots and aromatic oval leaves. Small pink or white tubular flowers bloom in summer, followed by tiny seeds with a tuft of white hairs, similar to dandelions.

Use it in the creation in love spells, purification baths, for protection and the cleansing of your home, office, or sacred space.

Valerian Root is known as the herb of witches, and is also found used in black magic.

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Valarian Root is cut, and sold by the ounce.

Valerian Root is a clump forming perennial has short roots and aromatic oval leaves.

Small pink or white tubular flowers bloom in summer, followed by tiny seeds with a tuft of white hairs (similar to dandelions).

Do not confuse with the garden plant, red American Valerian.

Valerian Root uses include calms nerves, sleep aid, treats spasmodic or nervous conditions, reduces blood pressure, love, harmony, purification, protection, black magic.

Magical Properties:
Zodiac: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Planet: Mercury
Element: Water
Deities: Obatala
Basic Powers: Love, harmony

Valerian Root is used in love spells.

Used in purification baths.

May be used for cleansing any space.

This is known as the herb of witches.

Medicinal Usage:
The root is what is used for all medicinal uses.

Macerated, infused, or made into a tincture, it is used as a sedative, anxiety, or insomnia.

Externally compresses are used for muscle cramps.

Washes are used for chronic ulcers, wounds, and drawing out splinters.

Culinary Usage:
Valerian Root is used in relaxing herb teas.

Extracts are used to flavor soft drinks, ice-cream, condiments, bakery products, beers, and tobacco.

Cosmetic Usage:

Usage Example:
Valerian Root Purification Bath
½ cup dried Valerian (1/8 cup if using infusion)
¼ cup sea salt
Add these ingredients to a muslin bag and let it hang under the running water.

Then allow it to float in the bath water.

You can also make an infusion and pour the strained mixture into the bath.

NOTE: Although there are medical usage notations provided for Valerian Root listed above, we are not doctors, and do not provide this educational information as medical advice. We suggest you consult with a physician or certified herbalist if you are seeking medical remedies. The information provided above is strictly informational, and not meant or intended as medical advice. The Magick Moon, nor its employees shall be held responsible, or liable for the misuse of herbs listed in this section.
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Hello and Greetings! I just received my package and first it came when needed most... Excellent timing.

The items that were sent are truly quite excellent and I am very pleased. Quality and blessings came in the package.

Now that is what you call excellent service and may your business prosper in this year. Thank you,
Star S. Truth or Consequences, Nm.

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