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Gemstone Wands

Gemstone Wands are hand carved and polished from larger raw semi-precious gemstone stock. Stone craftsman carve out size appropriate rough stock and begin the process of honing the stones down to the proper shape and curve of a gemstone wand. Once the desired shape has been cut and in its rough wand stone shape, the finer more detailed shaping process occurs.

After your gemstone wand has been cut and shaped, the craftsman begins to smooth the sides and edges to a finer end stage state. The final stage of the process is hand polishing, and once your new gemstone wand has been cut and shaped, the final process of hand buffing and polishing begins.

Gemstone Wands available to choose from range in various sizes and types such as semiprecious gemstone healing wands, gemstone massage wands, gemstone chakra wands etc.

Gemstone Wand stock available include Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and more.

Please keep in mind the shafts of our wands are made of natural materials therefor sizes may fluctuate and vary. All dimensions provided are approximate and average to provide you with a good idea of what the particular wand will look and feel like in your hand as you use it. Of course mother nature is not precise and this is what makes each and every wand so unique and precious; whereas man made materials provide an exact and cookie cutter product so you do not get the uniqueness our magickal wands provide.

Each and every wand has its own character and energy it releases as it is used. The various natural materials used to create the wands does have its own magickal properties, so read the details closely to see how they will lend a unique and different effect to you and others when used for healing and other magickal works.

Gemstone Wands
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Amethyst Chakra Healing Wand
Amethyst Chakra Healing Wand
See Details

MSRP: $84.97
SALE PRICE: $60.97
[Save 28%]

Amethyst Massage Wand
Amethyst Massage Wand
See Details

PRICE: $27.47

Chakra Balancing Massage Wand
Chakra Balancing Massage Wand
See Details

PRICE: $21.97

Clear Quartz Chakra Healing Wand
Clear Quartz Chakra Healing Wand
See Details

MSRP: $84.97
SALE PRICE: $59.97
[Save 29%]

Clear Quartz Massage Wand
Clear Quartz Massage Wand
See Details

PRICE: $25.97

Rose Quartz Chakra Healing Wand
Rose Quartz Chakra Healing Wand
See Details

MSRP: $84.97
SALE PRICE: $49.97
[Save 41%]

Rose Quartz Massage Wand
Rose Quartz Massage Wand
See Details

PRICE: $17.97


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I would like to say thank you for having such wonderful customer support. I was having issues with my order and couldn’t pay for it on line due to the fact it would take me back to the beginning of the transaction every time I would click continue. I had tried several times before calling for help.

I am extremely electronically challenged. I seem to cause electronics to break or function improperly, and even cause watch batteries to run out quickly. I embrace my special ways and tend to use tech support a lot. ;)

I was so happy to be helped by your customer support department. They were so very patient with my ignorance of all things tech and were very jovial and extremely gifted in helping electronically challenged individuals such as me. I am afraid I had them baffled as well, and they had to figure out what was wrong and call me back. After they had figured out the problem, I was able to complete my order!

I have ordered with you before and your wonderful quality products had me hooked. However, after the amazing help I received from customer support, I am forever going to be a loyal customer. I am so glad you employ people who genuinely care about the customer. I will most assuredly tell all my friends to shop with The Magick Moon! I also became a “fan” of yours on Facebook to ensure my people see you!

Thank you again for all the help and the wonderful blessing of employees who care.

Brightest Blessings,
Carrie H. Lemoore, Ca.

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