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Candle Magic for Beginners

Candle Magic for Beginners
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Candle Magic for Beginners

Candle Magic for Beginners - The Simplest Magic You Can Do by Richard Webster.

Anyone who has made a wish before blowing out birthday candles has practiced candle magic.

Quick, easy, and effective, this magical art requires no religious doctrine or previous magic experience. Anyone can practice candle magic and Richard Webster shows you how to get started.

Learn how to perform rituals, spells, and divinations to gain luck, love, prosperity, protection, healing, and happiness. Also included are tips for which kinds of candles to use, candle maintenance and preparation, best times for magic, and how to make your own candles.



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SKU: ISBN:0-7387-0535-7
Weight: 1.00 lbs
ISBN-10: 0738705357
ISBN-13: 9780738705354
SALE PRICE: $12.56
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Candle Magic for Beginners - The Simplest Magic You Can Do by Richard Webster.

Anyone who has made a wish before blowing out birthday candles has practiced candle magic.

Quick, easy, and effective, this magical art requires no religious doctrine or previous magic experience. Anyone can practice candle magic and Richard Webster shows you how to get started.

Learn how to perform rituals, spells, and divinations to gain luck, love, prosperity, protection, healing, and happiness. Also included are tips for which kinds of candles to use, candle maintenance and preparation, best times for magic, and how to make your own candles.


Excerpt: Candle Magic for Beginners: The Simplest Magic You Can Do

What Is Candle Magic?

According to the Unabridged Random House Dictionary of the English Language, magic is the art of achieving a desired result by the use of certain mysterious techniques, such as incantations or ceremonies.

Aleister Crowley, the famous twentieth century magician, defined magic as 'the science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.' One of my favorite definitions of magic comes from Florence Farr, a leading member of the Golden Dawn: 'Magic consists of removing the limitations from what we think are the earthly and spiritual laws that bind or compel us.

We can be anything because we are all. 'I particularly like the phrase 'we can be anything,' as magic allows us to overcome apparently insurmountable obstacles and attract to us whatever it is we want.

There are many forms of magic, some of them extremely difficult to master. Candle magic has a huge advantage over virtually all other forms of magic as it is straightforward and uncomplicated.

You do not have to remember the 365 names of God, for instance. At its most basic, you can light a candle and make a wish. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, and the rituals need to be performed properly to be effective. Nevertheless, candle magic stands alone among the magical arts for its ease and effectiveness.

Here are just some of the advantages that candle magic has over other forms of magic:

• The rituals are simple, but effective
• The costs are minimal, and the props can be made or bought anywhere
• There is no need for special robes or intricate ceremonies
• The rituals can be performed anywhere, indoors or out
• There is no need for years of training; you can start right away, and experience results immediately
• Candle magic is extremely versatile - rituals can be used to attract, to repel, to protect, and to divine the future

You might be surprised to learn that you have been practicing candle magic since you were a toddler. Making a wish when you blew out the candles on your birthday cake is a good example of candle magic. First of all you concentrated, and then you made a wish. Your subconscious mind received this request and made the wish happen.

Many people perform candle magic unconsciously. A good friend of mine lights candles every Sunday night while writing in her journal. This is a special, quiet time for her, and she looks forward to it all week long. She has a large selection of candles and chooses the ones that appeal to her at the time. Somehow, even though she knows nothing about the subject, she always chooses the candles that relate to what is going on in her life at the time.

Our former next-door-neighbors used to burn a beeswax candle in their bedroom for an hour or two every night before going to bed. They believed that it helped them sleep better, and also made them more likely to remember helpful dreams.

Interestingly, my friends at Pheylonian Beeswax Candles in Canada told me that beeswax candles produce negative ions that help create a balanced environment. Consequently, at the same time that my neighbors thought they were performing a form of candle magic, their candles were busy creating a more harmonious and sweeter environment. No wonder they slept so well.

I have been guilty of lighting candles for a specific purpose while entertaining people. If they had thought about it, my guests would have assumed that I was using the candles for atmosphere and decoration, rather than for a magical purpose.

Candles are incredibly comforting, even when used simply to decorate a dining table. There is something about the romantic atmosphere they create that makes them seem magical and uplifting. Candles create warmth, light, and feelings of brightness and joy. When you gaze into a flame it is easy to see how candle magic began.

The Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Russian Orthodox churches all burn candles when making requests. Pagans also burn candles for the same reasons. Candle magic has been used by people of all religions, and of no religion, to effect change and to make their wishes come true.

Burning candles is one thing, burning them to attain a desired result is another. Candles that are burned with a specific aim in mind become powerful tools that enable you to perform real magic. This is because the person making the request concentrates on the desired result, which subconsciously impresses this desire into the candle.

As the candle burns, the request is sent out into the universe where it is manifested. The candle is, in effect, the link between the mind of the person making the request and the Universal Mind, whoever or whatever you perceive that as being. The Universal Mind is spiritual in nature. The candle is solid matter that is transmuted into spirit as it burns. This, coupled with intent, creates incredibly powerful magic.

It is interesting to note that all four elements are always involved in candle magic. An unlit candle represents the element of Earth. However, when it is placed in contact with Fire, the candle starts to melt, creating liquid wax (symbolizing Water) and smoke (Air). The Rosicrucians were referred to as the "fire philosophers." They used fire to symbolize transmutation, because when a candle is burned it creates light.

It goes without saying that candle magic should be used only for good. Karma follows the law of cause and effect. Any good deeds you do build up a store of good, or positive, karma. Any bad deeds build up bad, or negative karma that will have to be repaid sooner or later. Consequently, it is vitally important that you perform any form of magic with pure motives. Your magic must harm no one. Candle magic involves a number of factors:

• You must have an aim, desire, or need in mind - you need to remain focused on your goal while performing all of these steps
• As in all types of magic, there needs to be an emotional involvement
• You have to choose the correct candle or candles
• You must dress the candle
• You must consecrate the candle
• You must burn the candle - this is usually done in the form of a ritual that helps send the desired energies out into the universe
• You need to believe in the power of your magic and wait expectantly for the desired result
• Naturally, you can not expect the candle ritual to do everything for you - you need to do whatever else is required to make your desire a reality - this usually entails work - if your spell involves finding a new partner, for instance, you have to do your part by going to places where you are likely to meet him or her - creating a spell and then staying at home will not work

We will be covering all of these factors in the following chapters. To begin, though, we need to look at the items that are required to perform candle magic. That is the subject of the next chapter.


Table of Contents: Candle Magic for Beginners: The Simplest Magic You Can Do

Introduction ix
One What Is Candle Magic? 1
Two Candles and Other Implements 7
Three Color 23
Four Magic with a Single Candle 37
Five How to Prepare Your Candles 55
Six Timing 63
Seven Fragrance 83
Eight Numerology and Candles 91
Nine The Five Elements 111
Ten Magical Alphabets 123
Eleven Magic Squares 129
Twelve Healing with Candles 143
Thirteen Candle Divination 165
Fourteen Candle Rituals 173
Fifteen How to Make Your Own Candles 205
Conclusion 215
Appendix A Elements and Signs for the Years 1900-2008 219
Appendix B Magical Alphabets 225
Appendix C Planetary Hours 227
Notes 229
Suggested Reading 233
Index 237


Candle Magic
By: Richard Webster

I first discovered candle magic at high school. A friend knew a little bit about the subject, as his mother used candle magic regularly. He suggested I perform a ritual to resolve a problem. I was skeptical, but discovered, much to my surprise, that it worked. My aim in writing Candle Magic for Beginners was to encourage people to experiment with candle magic themselves, to discover how simple, safe and effective it is, and to learn how useful it can be in everyday life.

Strange as it may sound, almost everyone has performed candle magic at some time. When you blow out the candles on your birthday cake and make a wish, you are performing candle magic. Candle magic can be as simple or as involved as you wish. On many occasions I have lit a single candle and made a wish. I have also created more elaborate rituals using several different candles. Much of this is determined by what feels right at the time.

People have always been fascinated with fire, and it still plays a major role in ceremonies of all sorts. There is something comforting, uplifting and hypnotic about a flickering, dancing flame, which makes it easy to see how candles came to be used for magic.

Magic is the art of achieving a desired result by sending a specific aim out into the universe where it is manifested. Candles that are burned to support this intention become powerful magical tools. As the candle burns, the request is sent out to the universe. In effect, the candle becomes a link between the person making the request and the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is spiritual in nature. Candles are solid matter, but are transmuted into spirit as they burn.

Candle magic makes use of all four elements. An unlit candle symbolizes the element of Earth. When it is placed in contact with Fire, the candle melts creating liquid (symbolizing Water) and smoke (Air). Because of this, it is possible to perform a ritual with just a single candle, as all four elements are incorporated within it.

Usually, candles are prepared and consecrated before being used for any magical purpose. However, as the blowing out of candles on a birthday cake shows, you can perform simple rituals with any candle.

A single candle can provide emotional healing, for instance. Choose a red candle if you need more energy, confidence or passion. Orange will help you with vitality and motivation. Yellow encourages open, honest communication. Green relieves stress, resentment and impatience. Blue provides courage and eliminates nervousness and indecision. Indigo eases family problems, and aids concentration. Violet provides inner peace and nurtures the soul. Pink helps you give and receive love. Silver provides confidence and self esteem. Gold is useful if you have a fear of success. White can be used at any time, for any problem.

I have a collection of different colored candles. Sometimes I know exactly which color to choose, but at other times let my intuition guide me.

Once you have chosen a candle, light it and place it in the center of a table. Sit down about six feet away from it in a position where you can look directly at the candle flame without raising or lowering your head. Ideally, the flame should be in a direct line with your third eye, in the center of your forehead.

Gaze at the flickering flame and think about your purpose in conducting the ritual. If you are burning a green candle, for instance, you might think about the stress you are experiencing, and how wonderful your life will be once it has gone. Visualize yourself in a number of situations that would have been stressful to you in the past, but see yourself handling them effortlessly.

Look at the flame and imagine the green of the candle expanding until it completely fills the room you are in. Picture yourself completely bathed in the healing green, and imagine it revitalizing every cell of your body. Hold this image for as long as you can. When it starts to fade, say 'thank you' out loud. Stretch and take a few deep breaths. Snuff out the candle and carry on with your day. This entire exercise can be accomplished in ten minutes, and you will feel the benefits right away.

This is a simple example of how beneficial candle magic can be. I hope you take the time to explore Candle Magic for Beginners - The Simplest Magic You Can Do in greater depth and discover how useful candle magic can be in everyday life.
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